Sometimes it can be reassuring to hear about the experience of others. Here is a small sample of testimonials from just a few of our patients. Feel free to contact us for additional references. If you are a current patient...We would love to hear your story. Please email us with your Bruno Chiropractic testimonial here.

"A Back and Seizure Story"

"When I was 21 Doctors told me I had a bulge in my spine and the only way to correct it was to have it operated on. I did not want that, so my mom told me to go to the Chiropractor. I did and boy I did not need the operation after all. When my daughter was a baby she got a head injury and would have staring seizures when she got older.

At the age of four my mom noticed one day she was walking with her head to one side and her arms sticking out from her body for balance. She took her to see Dr. Bruno and he found out her neck on both sides were out.He corrected the problem and boy she was off and running. Not only that when she had an EEG done it showed no signs of seizures. She got off her medication and she was seizure free for two years. Just recently she has been having signs of seizures. I took her to get another EEG done and it showed signs of seizures again. I thought back to when my mom took her for her balance problem and how it helped with her seizures.

Well I took her back to Dr. Bruno and found out the right side of her neck was out and that is where the test showed the signs of her seizures. He corrected the problem and so far I have not had the school call me and tell me she is having seizures and she no longer tells me she feels dizzy either. I did ask her doctor if it helped that she went to Dr. Bruno and she have me the run around about it.Well I do not care what her doctor thinks it helped her a lot and if he helps her stay off medication by going to him she is going. I thank my mom for telling me about going to see a Chiropractor and that she took my daughter that one day. If anyone is telling you to go I say listen to them and go...it helps."

Bruno Chiropractic Patient - Waukegan, Illinois

"A Baby Story"

"On April 19, 1995 Nicole Tyra of Zion was born, she weighed in at 11 pounds 11 oz. Her right arm was completely paralyzed, when she was born. With some persuasion from my mother in law I took Nicole to Dr. Bruno, when she was 3 days old. After the first adjustment her arm started to pull upwards toward her body slightly. After about 5 treatments she was moving her right arm the same as the left one. Today she is 15 years old and her arm and hand is normal. I consider this a real Chiropractic miracle. The medical doctor offered me NO hope."

Regina Tyra - Zion, Illinois

"Back and Leg Pain"

"As far as chiropractic care is concerned, I was experiencing back pain with tingling and numbness in my back, as well as pain and numbness throughout of my legs. I had lived with it for a short while, and decided it would just be better if I met with a Chiropractor. It affected a number of daily activities including mowing the lawn, doing laundry, sitting, standing, and countless others. After treatment with Dr. Bruno, which included Straight Chiropractic Techniques, the pain, tingling and numbness completely went away after only 5 treatments. I will certainly never live without chiropractic care again."

Chet LaFayette - Gurnee, Illinois

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